Building your Network


The best way to do this is by clicking the Discover link in the header. We'll show you the best people and Sources to follow based on the genres you select, then anything they post will appear on your Stream. Keep checking Discover as loads of new people join every day so the recommendations will change! All of the people and sources we show you will be actively posting, however we found your Stream works well when you follow at least 5 people and 3 sources. That way you'll always have new music to check out.


Getting followers

If you want to attract followers there's a few tried and tested methods:

  • Make your profile really appealing by splitting tracks, adding imagery and making playlists
  • Invite any friends with similar taste to join audiosplitter
  • Split other people's tracks (they get notified so will check out your profile)
  • Share your music (via the Facebook and Twitter links)
  • Send tracks to people you think will enjoy them

Essentially the more you interact with other people, the more they'll interact with you. It's social media 101.

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